Smartwatch with an Elegant 1.85" HD Display Marv Neo features an exquisite 1.85" HD display which shines bright and exudes beauty and elegance.

Equipped with 560nits peak brightness for unparalleled clarity and detail. Marv Neo makes an unforgettable style statement.

One charge should provide enough power for at least seven days of continuous use without heavy usage; with BT calling enabled, two days.

Charging Specifics: To fully charge a Marv Super smartwatch will require approximately 2 hours.

. A 5V to 3.7V adapter should be used; additionally, make sure that at least 30-40 minutes is dedicated for charging to ensure at least 20% battery is full charged.

: Innovation at its finest. Simply connect your smartwatch to the internet, then complete tasks on your own

whether that be making calls, setting alarms or sending texts - Marv Neo can take on these duties for you!

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beatXP Marv Neo 1.85” (4.6 cm) Display, Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch, Smart AI Voice Assistant,


Smart watches that support Bluetooth calling: Offering the latest, advanced BT setup,